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My name is Clara Magnier, I was born in 2001. I'm currently in my second year at an agricultural engineering school in Dijon.

I'm going to specialise in mountain area management (agriculture, wildlife, politics and tourism) in my third year.

I've been fascinated by animals ever since I was a little girl, loving to photograph my neighbors' horses and cats for hours. Back then, I used my parents' Nikon Coolpix. I've been observing and photographing wild animals as a hobby since late 2018 (when I bought my first SLR), often during university vacations.

Alsace is a region that has clearly contributed to my growing passion for wildlife. It was in the south of this region, in the Sundgau, that I observed the wildlife of a few small lost villages and fell madly in love with them.

All my photos are available and can be printed on different papers, with different types of framing and in different formats.



MER'veilles nature festival: 2022: 2022

Festival Nature Ain in Hauteville-Lompnes : 2022

Festival International Nature Namur : 2021

Eco-dialogues at the Maison de la Nature du Sundgau : 2019


Festival International Nature Namur youth grant : 2021


- Culture column in the Service Public de Wallonie's monthly newsletter on sustainable development (October 2021)

Student projects

Research work

  • Study of the influence of temperatures on bats in different caves for the Commission for the Protection of Water, Heritage, Environment, Subsoil and Bats in Franche Comté (CPEPESC FC) - 2024

  • Development of a computer code allowing the detection of lynx on tracking videos - 2023



  • 20 weeks internship on the theme "Abruzzo wildlife and relationships with humans" - March to July 2024

  • 6 weeks internship as an agricultural worker on a farm - 2021-2022

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