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Nest of woodpeckers

june 2021

When I went to set up a camera at one of the badger burrows near my parents' house, I heard the cries of fledglings. As I got closer to a tree that I know well because it's where I often put my bike down, I heard the cries louder and louder...


Deer madness

december 2020

From December 21 to January 1, I went for a walk to meet the animals I'd stopped seeing at the end of the summer.  To my surprise, there are deer everywhere - it's crazy. I see about ten of them every morning, separated into different groups (depending on the day)...


1,2,3 fox

march 2020

This documentary is an invitation to protect and contemplate the red fox. Dive in with them through the 4 seasons and share their daily lives in the greatest intimacy, thanks to the work of 14 nature enthusiasts.

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